2018 GIV Petite Sirah
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2018 GIV Petite Sirah
2018 GIV Petite Sirah

Intense purple colour that coats the glass. Initial aromas of lavender, pluot & cacao. The wine opens to a bouquet of vanilla, smokey oak & dried cherry. A luxurious mouthfeel W/ fine tannins, finishing W/ hints of cedar & ripe blackberry.

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2018 Grand Island Vineyard Petite Sirah


We are excited to bring out our next vintage of one of the delta classic red wines: The 2018 Grand Island Vineyards Petite Sirah.  This vintage of petite sirah is notable from the very long skin contact during fermentation.  Petite Sirah is a richly pigmented and tannic red grape that normally does not lend itself well to heavy extraction.  However, this vintage had nearly perfect ratios of skin tannin, seed tannin, and color, which allowed us to give the wine a long extraction period.  The result is a dense wine with more earth and floral flavors in addition to the classic ripe fruit of petite sirah.  This elegant petite sirah can be served alongside smoky BBQ, with a nice steak, or alongside some Parmigiano-Reggiano.


This wine pours an intense purple color that coats the glass.  The initial aromas are of pluot, lavender, and cacao.  As the wine opens with a few swirls the bouquet begins to evolve with fleeting wisps of vanilla, smoky oak, loam, and dried cherry bringing nuance to this wine.  The mouthfeel is luxurious with weighty presence and fine tannins that slide into a clean finish with hints of granite dust, cedar, and ripe blackberry.