2018 GIV LE After Dark Cabernet Sauvignon
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2018 GIV LE After Dark Cabernet Sauvignon
2018 GIV LE After Dark Cabernet Sauvignon

Cherry, strawberries, space and earth. Perfectly, mildly sweet but carries a firm alcohol note.

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Our winemakers are very excited to introduce their latest pet project to everyone. One of the most exciting parts of working at a winery like Grand Island Vineyards is that they have access to the best grapes possible and control over every aspect of wine-making. The Grand Island Vineyards After Dark is an example of a rare wine style they have the luxury of making for our consumers. This new wine is a Vin Doux Naturel fortified wine.

We used Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the estate vineyard and fortified them with neutral grape spirits during fermentation. The fermentation finished with a light residual sugar and sat on skins for the next 7 months in an open bin.
This technique allowed our newest dessert wine to gain an impressive complexity. We recommend drinking this wine alone or on the rocks with a twist of lemon as an aperitif. It is also incredible when pairing it with milk chocolate desserts.

This wine pours a beautiful brick red with a hint of orange in the meniscus. The initial notes are cherry, strawberry, spice and earth. The wine is mildly sweet with bracing tannins and a firm alcohol note. It lingers on the palate with prolonged notes of berry compote, sweet brioche, and lavender.