2017 GIV Petite Sirah
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2017 GIV Petite Sirah
2017 GIV Petite Sirah

Rich color, berry flavors, and a firm mouthfeel. This wine pairs well with barbecue and curries.

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After how quickly our last vintage of Petite Sirah sold out, our winemakers (Ed and David) were anxious to get the next Petite Sirah into the bottle.  However, this grape varietal rewards patience and now we are finally ready to release the new 2017 Petite Sirah.  This wine is the most robust profile wine we make at Grand Island.  Petite Sirah is known for its inky color, fresh berry fruit, and firm body.  We love this wine paired with BBQ meat, Oaxacan mole sauce, and Vindaloo curries. 

The wine is noticeably inky purple in color.  The initial aromas of the wine are a heady mix of blueberry, candied orange peel, and graphite.  As the wine opens notes of coconut, smoked oak, and caramel intermingle with ripe plum notes.  This wine has a very firm backbone with moderate acidity that will leave you tasting blackberry, caramel, and loam long after your sip.