2018 GIV Fiano
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2018 GIV Fiano
2018 GIV Fiano

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The Fiano is a great, heavier-bodied white wine that can hold up to a variety of football type snacks.

This grape varietal from southern Italy is very rare in California and accounts for only .003% of the total white grapes crushed in our state.  Our winemakers love this wine because it is so different from our other white wines in the Grand Island Vineyards lineup.  Fiano is an extremely versatile wine with food.  Its waxy mouthfeel, honeyed and floral aromas, and moderate acidity allow it to be paired with a variety of lightly herbed and vegetable based dishes.  Some of our favorite pairings with Fiano are fresh olives and charcuterie, squash risotto and cochinita pibil.


This wine pours a beautiful straw yellow color.  The initial aroma of this wine is honeycomb interspersed with granite and oak.  As the wine opens, hints of clove, poached pear, and jasmine intrigue the senses.  The first sip provides notes of dried apricot and frankincense.  The mouthfeel is waxy with a hint of grip and very approachable acidity.  The wines finishes with a burst of mandarin pith, minerality, and char.