BRIDGEHEAD VELLUTO 2016 dessert wine
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BRIDGEHEAD VELLUTO 2016 dessert wine
BRIDGEHEAD VELLUTO 2016 dessert wine

The 2016 Bridgehead Velluto is made from petite sirah grapes and was fortified with neutral grape spirits. It is the perfect finish to any evening that involves Grand Island Vineyard's wine.

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The initial aroma is a heady mixture of ripe blueberries and blackberries, earth, and cloves.  Flavors of whiskey lactone, smoke, and coconut from the barrel intertwine with the ripe berry notes of petite sirah to creat a complex flavor profile. This dessert wine is pleasantly sweet with a  hint of tannin and alcohol to provide balance to the ripe fruit flavors.  The understated acidity keeps the wine finishing clean and bright with no cloying notes.